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ICO Gems is a premier, highly exclusive ICO information database to help investors separate the smart from the scams.  We do not just post information about any of the hundreds of ICOs popping up every day, but rather choose what we believe are sound investments to help both investors and the future of cryptocurrency.

We feature a rating system to inform users what are safe and / or high ROI investments.  These findings are based on analytical data as well as auditing the entire project from the team to their whitepaper.

How do projects get onto the Most Hyped page?

Projects listed in the Most Hyped section inform users what we believe will bring them the highest returns on their initial investment in both the short and / or long term. These are projects with a lot of hype, as well as having the foundation and team to bring a worthy project to the crypto world. These projects have a large audience in accredited investors, the media, and on their social media channels.

What considerations are for a “safe” investment?

Projects listed in the Safest ICO have a low risk level when it comes to investing. We look at all the conditions of their token sale, and through researching from similar projects along with other data, measure the risk involved between ICO price to when it is listed on exchanges.

How does a project get a high rating?

We look at a number of factors, even ones other pages forget to look at.  We take everything in consideration, from the team, the whitepaper, number of token holders, use case, as well as supply vs demand of a certain token.  We aim to find projects the team is passionate about, even years after their ICO date.  Even BTC and ETH haven’t found their proper use cases yet to the masses of the world, so we know it will take time for these projects to find their place.  Team members of these projects should be just as passionate about their project five years from as they are before their ICO.

How to get listed on our site

We do not accept every project we come across.  Absolutely no scam projects will be listed!  Projects should have teams and / or advisors that have successfully started companies and also experience with cryptocurrencies.  Projects considered to be on our site would be seen as sound investments for visitors.  In essence, if we ourselves would not invest in the project, we will not post it.

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